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Sometimes life can bring about changes which can be stressful. Antique Alley Estate Services can aid in the handling with the settlement of an estate's contents, help with downsizing due to a move into a resident or assisted living facility, or assist with a relocation sale due to having to move under a variety of circumstances. With empathic skills and the willingness to assist in the changes that make life, LIFE, Antique Alley will provide you with a free consultation to see where we can help. Having been on the end of having to settle estates of our own and working for other estate sale companies, we know what is needed to give the most to our clients.

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In addition to our upcoming estate sales, we also have a Christmas Spectacular planned for the 2nd weekend in November. See our Calendar of events for important dates, times, and locations.

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We have branched out into the field of Interior Decorating, soon to be Interior Designing. We would love to sit down with you and discuss any renovations that you would like to do indoor home or commercial space. Photos coming soon of before and afters on our current residential and commercial projects.

In the fall of 2019, Commercial Photography will hopefully  be added along with Graphic Design. We can't wait to launch all of these new endeavors!

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Do you do appraisals? 

Yes, we do. However, since it is a part of our business, we charge for them at $45 for the 1st hour and $35 for each additional hour. The first hour is not prorated but the following hours are by the quarter of the hour. We mainly appraise antiques as well as vintage items. We also appraise collectibles. We cannot do real estate appraisals. With your appraisal comes paperwork for resale or insurance purposes.